Our main services are to supply utilities (electrical and thermal energy, industrial fluids and gases). They are accompanied by a set of industrial services.


  • Running and optimising production and distribution facilities to meet customer needs.
  • Guaranteed availability and continuous service:  providing utilities (electricity, steam, compressed air, water (filtered, deionized, chilled, frozen, drinkable, fire ...) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Consultation to find solutions that meet our customers’ needs

Our operating teams are trained to deal with challenges handed to them to guarantee that the energy and utilities provided are reliable, efficient and enhance performance.

The maintenance and operation of the facilities are at the heart of SOBEGI’s business that offers a complete operational service to their customers


Multi-technical maintenance (preventive and curative) facility is one of our most important services. Our reliability service relies on its multi-disciplinary team of reactive electricians, technicians, mechanics ... They understand the customers’ needs and issues.


SOBEGI Inspection Service is recognised by the DREAL Aquitaine. It supervises over some 800 facilities. Its purpose is to contribute to the security of personnel and material by its continuous oversight of the high pressure equipment or equipment that presents a particular risk and guarantees to implement the specific regulations applied to this material. 

Compliance of state services guarantees include:

  • A guaranteed highly skilled service performed by certified inspectors
  • Independent analysis and judgment
  • Strict control of the monitoring process
  • Independent decision making

The Research Office

The consulting firm assists clients to set-up new projects and updating all technical specialties: civil engineering, fabrication - piping, mechanical, rotating machinery, structural, instrumentation, industrial computing, electrical...

Laboratory analysis

Security, reliability, response, performance ... 24 hours a day 7 days a week

For over 50 years, SOBEGIS Control and Environmental Laboratory, located in the heart of the Lacq industrial complex, supports industries manufacturing control, environmental monitoring and industrial hygiene requirements.

Waste management

To meet regulatoryrequirements and improve customers’ environmental performance within budget, SOBEGI has facilities and resources offering the following services:

  • Rainwater and biodegradable Management
  • Mutualised waste management program (green factory contract)
  • Gas, solid and liquid waste management
  • Analyses controls
  • Environmental parameters monitoring 

Warehousing / Storage

  • Storage rooms, dedicated large volume space
  • Inventory Management: reception quality control, dispute management, storage, distribution (24h / 24h) and editing statements, securities, inventory...
  • Restocking (consultation, quotes, order tracking)

20,914 parts were stored and managed by the SOBEGI warehouseteam 04.31.15.

Central Register

Managing technical documentation (paper, digital) regarding maintenance, updating suppliers documents and advising are looked after by the Equipment central register.