SOBEGI’s mission, defined by the ‘Direction General’ and shared by teams, is to produce and supply energy, H2S, utilities, services and solutions adapted to our customer’s needs.

Our Vocation 

Historically linked to when gas was discovered at Lacq in 1975, SOBEGI developed specific service for the chemical industry, focused particularly on supplying utilities, security coordination and development support.

Situated in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques on the Induslacq and Chem'pôle platforms, SOBEGI is committed to supporting and adapting to; efficiency problems, security needs and specific requirements of each company.

Our Commitment :

  • Prioritizing security of people and goods.
  • Contributing to improving our customers’ performance.
  • Providing reliable and competitive industrial utilities and services
  • Reducing the environmental impact of activities, using a sustainable development approach
  • Playing a proactive and unified role.
  • Familiarizing newcomers with the Lacq and Mourenx platforms and assisting them with their installation and development needs.

Associated with our philosophy of Solidarity, Responsibility and Efficiency. Our commitments are defined, internally, in our annual progress plan. This guideline issued as a daily action guide for our teams in their decision making process.

Our history

Philippe CANIN is President of SOBEGI since September 2018.